Agricultural business is major that teaches students techniques in operating a business in the food and fiber industry. It includes subjects such as economics, management and policy as they relate to agriculture. Education in agricultural business can lead to a career in commodity marketing analysis, agricultural education, food production, farm, ranch, or plant managers.

Agricultural business isĀ  an academic discipline concerned with the operation of agricultural activities, such as crop production, ranching and commercial fishing. Agriculture touches the lives of every person through the foods they eat and the natural fibers in the clothes they wear, as well as through efforts to replace petroleum products with biofuels and biopolymers. Agriculture is closely associated with farmers, ranchers and field hands, but many positions are in business, including careers in marketing, economics and management.

Education Information

Those interested in agribusiness careers may wish to earn an undergraduate or graduate degree in agricultural business or economics. Degree programs in agricultural business span topics including environmental science, resource management and finances. Undergraduate coursework in agricultural business includes meteorology, calculus and agrarian economics. Master’s and doctoral degree programs in agricultural business may focus on marketing, real estate and agrarian policy issues. The following are some agricultural business classes and degree programs.

  • Agribusiness Courses
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Agricultural Business
  • Agricultural Business Programs
  • Agricultural Economics Programs


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