Agriculture is an important components of the sustainability of the human civilization. With today’s technology, the production of agriculture is starting to shift its focus to creating goods that are safe for society and the environment.

Those interested in the labor and management side of agricultural as well as using science to positively impact society and the environment may consider studying agricultural production. Agricultural production is a broad topic and covers concentrations in Dairy Husbandry and Production, Agroecology and Sustainable Agriculture, Crop Production, Aquaculture, and Viticulture Enology.

Education Information

Agricultural production majors vary across colleges and institutions, but almost all will cover accounting, economics, and operations management. Classes also cover government regulations for crop production and farming,  soil science, pest control, plant growth, and agricultural leadership. Graduates of an agriculture bachelor’s degree program can pursue master’s degrees or doctorates in agriculture-related fields, such as horticulture, animal science, resource management and life sciences. The list of articles shown below offers more details about degree programs for studies in agricultural production.

  • Bachelor’s Degrees in Agricultural Science
  • Agriculture Economics Degree
  • Viticulture and Encology Degree
  • Ph.D. in Agriculture


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