A degree in architectural technology can lead to a career as an architectural technician or a variety of other building professionals.

Architectural technology is the application of construction science building design and to solve technical issues in architecture. Professionals in this field work in numerous industries, including materials manufacturing, construction, building engineering and residential contracting.

Education Information

An education in architectural technology prepares students to work alongside architects, construction workers and other building professionals during the structural development process. Associate’s and Bachelor’s degree are typically offered for architectural technology.

These degree programs uses hands-on training and classroom instruction in areas like computer-aided drafting techniques, construction codes and methods, building design and structural systems. Graduates with a Bachelor’s degree can lead to more advanced careers as building inspectors, illustrators or architectural drafter. Certificate programs are also available. The following pages include information about degree programs in architectural technology.

  • Associate’s in Architectural Engineering Technology
  • Bachelor’s in Architectural Technology
  • Associate’s in Architectural Design


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