The scope of culinary arts and services is vast and a training program can prepare you for a career as a professional cook, restaurant owner or manager.  Your culinary arts training can vary greatly depending on the position you want to hold and many specializations are available.

Education Information

Education programs are available at the certificate, associate’s degree, bachelor’s degree and master’s degree levels and it’s important to find a Degree Program with Accreditation for future employment. Some of the courses you will take are food safety, culinary math, gastronomy, baking and pastry skill development and more. A Bachelor in Culinary Arts Degree will prepare you to manage a kitchen or establishment. Some of the courses covered in this degree program are cost control, human nutrition, menu to plate concepts, and storeroom operations and purchasing. The following are some of the program options available:

  • Culinary Arts Certificate
  • Associate’s Degrees in Baking and Pastry Arts
  • Associate’s Degrees in Culinary Arts
  • Bachelor’s Degrees in Culinary Arts


Due to the hands-on nature of culinary arts, most online degree programs in the field are in management. Online certificate, associate’s degree and bachelor’s degree programs and courses are available.

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