Cultural studies allows students enrolled in this college program to investigate the past and present trends and affects that popular culture has on people’s views. This degree program helps students learn how modern life affects our views of the world around us by using an interdisciplinary approach that combines anthropology, history, literature, the arts, and sociology to explore our modern life culture. Cultural studies programs examine popular culture, gender, politics, media and technology. Students in a cultural studies program analyze these facets of society and determine how they relate to current and past societal perspectives.

Education options

An individual may choose courses to achieve a bachelors or masters degree with additional specializations in cultural studies or combine literature and language into the degree program. Analyses, cultural critique, discussion, and writing are all skills that students will gain while learning and studying these courses. The following are a list of courses you may take in pursuit of this major.

  • Cross-cultural studies programs
  • Bachelor’s in cultural studies
  • Master’s in cultural studies
  • Doctorate in cultural studies


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