Dancers wishing to pursue college-level study in their field have a variety of options to consider, from an associate’s degree in dance to a master’s degree in choreography.

Dancers begin training at a very young age as young as 2 years old. At a young age individuals often start off in recreational dance and move on to competitive teams. Dance is an extremely competitive sport which requires hours of intense physical training. They are often required to take core disciplines through their educational dance career that include Ballet, Lyrical, Jazz and Technique Classes. Dancers often travel with professional Dance companies, perform in local and national competitions, stage shows and productions. They may specialize in one or more styles of dance, such as ballet, Broadway tap, contemporary dance,  jazz,  and musical theater and

Dancers who choose to make this their full-time profession often go to college for a certificate or degree. Graduates then use their dance degree to pursue opportunities as choreographers or dance instructors.


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